This All-Bacon Restaurant Serves Chicken Liver-Bacon and Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies


From the man who brought you salmon pastrami and cheesecake lollipops, comes an all-bacon sandwich restaurant. This week Chef David Burke opened the doors to Burke's Bacon Bar in Chicago, serving up eight different "mini" sandwiches stuffed with, yes, America's favorite fried pork goodness. Unfortunately Fortunately, there's also a vegetarian option with smoked eggplant and meatball parmesan for those friends -- with the option to add bacon to it for $1. Phew.

"When pork became the ‘other white meat,’ bacon became the meat of choice," Burke told Sun Times. "I believe everyone craves pork once in a while and I wanted to create a menu that satisfied the desire without being overwhelming."


The menu includes such indulgent delights as Chinese bacon with hoisin sauce, cucumber cilantro and scallions inside a steamed bun, banh mi with bacon and chicken liver-bacon salad, and bacon-friendly desserts like bacon chocolate chip cookies and bacon peanut brittle.

Chicken liver-bacon and bacon chocolate chip cookies say what? That'll do pig, that'll do.