A Frozen Coca Cola Bottle Made Entirely Of Ice Looks Cool, Seems Unsanitary


I’m sure the message behind a new Coca Cola campaign had to do with how Coke is always “Ice Cold,” but all I can think right now is GERMS.

Sure it’s possible that the beaches in Cartagena, Colombia are impeccably clean, and that every beachgoer made sure to douse their fingers and palms in Purel before wrapping them around drink containers which are steadily absorbing all the dirt from their surroundings, but I doubt it.

More likely is that – since an ice bottle is bound to be harder to hold – these nifty “Botellas de Hielo” spent a lot of time on the ground, gathering dust (not to mention diluting everyone’s drinks).


But hey, at least it made for a cool commercial. Check out the Coke Columbia spot featuring the ice bottles for yourself, below.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating