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Customer Spills Orange Juice on Keyboard, Good Guy Bank Sends Replacement

August 1, 2014 // 12:26 pm

A distraught customer of Capital One took to Reddit to vent his frustration towards not being able to meet his bill payments on time. His problem was that he was unable to enter a ’2′ or even copy and paste it into his account number for the bank. The reason…

Del Taco Brings Back Taco-Burger Hybrid

June 23, 2014 // 2:10 pm

Those who remember Del Taco’s Bun Taco will recall it’s essentially a taco made with hamburger buns. Kind of like a Sloppy Joe. The former addition to the Del Taco menu will now make its return just in time for the chain’s 50th anniversary along with two other items:…

How to Order Horchata, Creamsicle and Cake Pop Frappes from the Starbucks Secret Menu

May 14, 2014 // 6:45 am

You don’t often see many fast-food chains embracing their secret menus. On the way to work, I stopped at a Starbucks in Santa Ana, CA and noticed some secret menu frappes on their Pinterest-friendly chalk board. These drinks included “Happy Horchata”, “Orange County Creamsicle” and the “Incredible Cake-Pop Surprise”.…

How to Make Orange Juice

February 22, 2014 // 8:50 am

PicThx Joy Reactor

Pentagon Shaped Oranges are a Thing

February 1, 2014 // 3:08 pm

First Japan decided to make heart shaped watermelons now they’re producing pentagon shaped oranges. I’m beginning to think they’re not fans of round fruits.

These particular citrus fruits are known as “iyokan” or Japanese Summer Oranges and they don’t usually have five sides. Farmers have been trying to…

It’s Official: Orange the Color Was Named After Orange the Fruit

January 15, 2014 // 2:07 pm

Here’s today’s just under-useful fun fact, courtesy of those indefatigable trivia-seeking peons over at Reddit. We may never know the order of gallus-ovum or ovum-gallus, but at least we can say with certainty that orange the color was in fact named after orange the fruit.

Before oranges (pomme

How to Make Cranberry-Orange Pull-Apart Bread

January 2, 2014 // 12:53 pm

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: tart cranberries paired with sweet oranges make a remarkably delicious combination.

So, I give to you, the perfect brunch recipe: Cranberry-Orange Pull-Apart Bread. While the bread was still very good, it would have benefited from juicer berries for more moisture. I recommend re-hydrating them…

How to Unroll an Orange Instead of Peeling It [HACK]

December 11, 2013 // 11:48 am

The task of eating an orange is messy and usually ends in peel under your fingers nails,  a hotmess of orange flesh and tears. Luckily, we’ve discovered the most ingenious hack by Sara of JewelPie that shows us how to unpeel an orange in 4 easy steps.

Simply chop…

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