Instant Curry Comes With A Fake Girlfriend To Keep You Company


Your next dish of instant curry will never be as intimate as the ones found in Japan. Village Vanguard, a novelty bookstore in Japan, serves packages of instant curry. What's unique about this item is that it comes with a fake girlfriend.

Rocket News reports that the curry can be purchased with a DVD that features a fictitious girlfriend that keeps you company as you eat. This particular brand is called Men's Delusion Curry: Orange Flavored Feat. Mao Harada.


For 1,500 yen ($13 US) you can get your curry, along with a DVD that features Harada interacting with you like she cares. At least for the duration of the meal. She even sports a T-shirt of featuring her own cleavage imprinted.

Sounds like a perfect dinner package for the working man with no time for love.