TruMoo Creates Orange-Flavored Halloween Milk


For the Halloween season, TruMoo is creating a Frankenstein monster of its own with orange-flavored milk. The drink combines the richness of milk with the sweet and tangy flavor of orange juice. There's also some vanilla thrown in there. We're assuming this will taste similar to orange cream soda.

TruMoo's Orange Scream is said to be a healthier alternative to the brand's past drinks because it uses ingredients such as low-fat milk instead of regular and sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. The beverage is available in a half-gallon container. It also sports a spooky Halloween design.


Orange Scream milk will be available for purchase at select grocers with prices varying depending on location. Consumers can expect the fruity, creamy beverage to be available until the end of October.

It may bring some "aah"s and "yum"s, but it's not likely to make you scream.