This Guy Found And Ate The World's Oldest Peanut Butter

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There's a guy on YouTube who really gets a hard-on with war-era food rations, so you can imagine the excitement he felt when he took a nice big bite of some 61-year-old, post-Korean War peanut butter.

MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat) are prepared meals for American soldiers that can immediately be cracked open and eaten, and YouTuber Steve1989 got his hands on a 1955 food package filled with crackers, jam, milk and the soon-to-be-infamous peanut butter.

While he showed off the MRE goodies in the video, Steve decided to actually go ahead and try the peanut butter.


Not sure how how safe it is to eat 61-year-old peanut butter, but a week has passed since the video was posted and he hasn't been reported dead, so I think we can assume he's good to go.

It is a 17-minute video with some interesting stuff, but since the dude didn't do us any favors by cutting the vid to a manageable time, just know that the peanut butter segment starts at about the 12:35 point.

Check out the video as Steve indulges in the world's oldest peanut butter: