What Your Favorite Place to Drink Says About You


Your drinking grounds of choice can say a lot about you. Now whether it's kicking back in your garage with friends on a Saturday or taking swigs out of a flask while waiting in line for the bathroom, that's up to you (no judgement here). Curious to find out what would happen if we pooled together a collective consensus of alcoholic adventures based on a lifetime of bad booze decisions (similar to our sandwich research), we came up with a definitive list of what your favorite place to drink says about you.




Dive Bar

You don't care where you drink or who you drink with. You're just looking for a good time, some cheap beers and some ridiculously stale peanuts. Something about the smell of cigarettes, half-frozen mozzarella sticks and pee on the floor just feels like home. The bartender could care less about your problems, but he'll still keep an open ear.


You love drinking, but domestic and imported just won't do. Craft beers are your choice of beverages and it doesn't matter how much. You never order the same drink twice if you can help it. You will, however, split that order of garlic aioli fries three ways.

Restaurant Chain

You put in a 9-5 work day and all you have to look forward to during that time is that quick lunch break and a sandwich waiting for you in the office fridge. Your boss is already lurking over your shoulder and it's only Monday. Happy hour at the local Red Robin sounds like heaven once the clock hits quitting time.



Living Room

You're in your early twenties and your parents still pay half the rent. Every day is a party complete with red Solo Cups and Chinese take-out. You don't bother cleaning because everything will get trashed once the sun sets anyways. What's a hangover?


You love loud house music and expensive drinks. If you can flirt your way into some free booze, even better. Your Saturday night is waiting in line to get inside and waiting at the bar for booze. Sometimes there's dancing.


You grab a few six-packs from the grocery store and hit up some of your best buds. You keep it lowkey and play beer pong in your garage while pounding cheap domestic. You don't understand why people go to bars because, here, there's no last call. Also, your folks are asleep so you can't drink inside.




You're the kind of person that can get up early enough on a weekend to do brunch. No worries though, because the early bird gets the bottomless mimosas and the bubblier the better. Once it gets dark, you switch those mimosas for some overpriced cocktails and Instagram the sunset. #blessed


You're at the club and want to have a good time, but the drinks are just too damn expensive. Sometimes you just have to help your wallet out and sneak a drink in the bathroom, no matter how ratchet it seems. Does the same trick and you can now afford the gas to get you home the next morning.



The party goes where you go. All you need is a flask of liquid courage and the fun will never really stop. All you have to do is keep refilling that flask. Sadly, alcoholism could be a major issue somewhere down the road. But that's future you's problem.