Wanna Watch a Movie? Tap a Beer To Your Computer First


If you want to fuel two bad habits at once, app developer Aleksandr Semenov has the solution for you. He’s developed an application that lets you access free movies online, simply by tapping a beer bottle to your computer or mobile device.

Semenov uses Bluetooth technology to “unlock” your movies, with a signal beacon located underneath the bottle cap. When the bottle is opened, and then tapped against the device on which you want to play your movie, the process basically works like a beer credit card, allowing you to start watching your video instantly.


In short, this new app has amazing potential: drinking games galore, enablement, and excuses for beers and Sharknado no matter where you go. While for some it might be the extra push for a bad habit, we think it has the potential to transform the way we watch (and fuel) or television sessions.

Check out the campaign page on Creativity Online for more.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi