A Quick, Simple Guide to Growing Vegetables on Your Patio [Infographic]


As a city girl, I dream of having the perfect garden, on a fire escape or otherwise, full of healthy plants, fruits, and vegetables for me and my friends to eat. In this perfect garden, there are no bugs, no pests, no rabbits trying to eat carrots, just perfectly organized little plots of vegetables, arranged even more neatly than the supermarket's fare.

So when I say that these infographics totally add fire to the flames of that dream, you’ll quickly understand what I mean.


They neatly display how to arrange your garden, and the cheat sheet summarized the basics of home gardening for beginners. This intensive informational guide tells you everything you need about planting, from the kinds of care and soil you need, to pests to watch out for, to when to plant seats and when to harvest.  It even offers some suggestions on which vegetables to plant together, to help you save space and deter pests.