This 'Triple Play' Hot Dog Is Wrapped With A Burger Patty And Bacon

Spring Training has officially begun, marking the start of another exciting season in Major League Baseball. It also marks the start of more crazy ballpark stadium concoctions. Hot dogs, sandwiches, fries, and more get more epic each year around. However, this new "Triple Play" hot dog may be the most epic of them all.


Surprise Stadium, the Spring Training home for the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals, will be selling the "Triple Play" hot dog when games start this coming weekend. According to ABC 15, this 1/3 pound hot dog gets completely encased by a burger patty before being wrapped in two strips of bacon. Yes, you read that right: a hot dog wrapped in hamburger and bacon.

You also have the option to drench this beast in nacho cheese sauce, making it one of the tastiest ballpark mashups to ever be created. Bacon, burgers, hot dogs, and nachos all in one food item? That's how to properly do ballpark food.

The entire "Triple Play" will sell for $8.75 and is a whopping 890 calories before adding on the cheese sauce.


Other new Spring Training food items at the stadium include an $8.00 bowl of mac n cheese with bratwurst, and a "Double Margarita Mason Jar" with a double shot of premium tequila for $15.00.

If you want the chance to grab one of these dogs, head to Phoenix and attend a Spring Training game for either the Royals or the Rangers, which start tomorrow and go until the end of March, when the full MLB season begins.

Even if you think baseball is long and boring, this meaty masterpiece is still a home run.