Taco Bell's Hyped Tripelupa Is BACK For Another Limited-Time Test Run

Taco Bell's most recent innovation involving taco shells, the Tripelupa, is officially back on the menus for another limited-time test run.

Consisting of a special three-in-one chalupa shell, each part of the Tripelupa is filled with the same base ingredients: ground beef, tomatoes, a three cheese blend, and lettuce. From there, a different sauce (or mix of sauces) is added to each component. The outer chalupas will be drizzled with either nacho cheese or chipotle sauce, while the middle segment gets treated to both.


It's arguably the most innovative chalupa out there, and can be utilized as a single-item snack for you and a couple buds. Breaking off one at a time for yourself or attempting to eat the entire chalupa trio in one go are also ways to try this unique eat out.

The Tripelupa was on menus in the Orange County, California area in late November and early December of 2018. This time, it'll be in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from February 28th through early April. Hopefully, we'll get a nationwide launch some time after that.