Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chips Have Gone Viral

Ever since the news broke that Taco Bell was introducing Naked Chicken Chips, our social media has been blowin' up with dope photos from FOODBEAST Family influencers around the country, who were able to get a sneak peek of Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chips days before its national debut.

From Orange County, to Las Vegas all the way up to Chicago, these customizable, bitesize pieces of heaven have been dominating social media in the most delicious way possible.

@HungryInVegas showed us a creative way to showcase some customized Naked Chicken Chips with some chopped tomato and onions, nacho cheese and jalapenos.


Just like the Naked Chicken Chalupa, everybody was eager to show off their best shots, and it's easy see why.

San Diego-based influencer @Eric_Scire knows Taco Bell always has that, "new new" on deck.

You know @tacobell always has that new new #tacobellpartner #tacobell #foodbeast

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You know @FoodWithMichael went HAM with his photo that acquired more than 7,000 likes in 24 hours.


@UnloktChicago headed over to the Taco Bell Cantina in Chicago to grab a couple boxes. OK, OK, we see you Unlokt!

Check out other colorful shots from @WhatChewWant, @HappyTummy_702, and @OCComestibles:


There’s no telling exactly when Taco Bell will pull this already-viral creation from menus, but it’s most likely before we’re ready to say goodbye.

Created in partnership with Taco Bell