Here's How Starbucks' New Rewards System Will Affect Your Day


Those who frequent Starbucks before their morning commute are in for some news. The coffee chain has announced that they'll be making some major changes to their Star Rewards system so customers can get more out of their coffee-buying experience. Most customers.

Starbucks announced that they'll be making a few modifications to their popular rewards process.



Possibly the biggest change comes from getting a star. Initially, customers will get one star for every visit. If you saved up 12 stars, you can get yourself a free drink or item of food. Now, it seems that customers will get 2 stars for every $1 spent.

For those who like to order a drink that costs more than $5, that's a lot of stars coming in.


Customers who typically go for the simpler drinks like black coffee, however, probably won't see as many points. Twelves stars would typically get you that one free item at Starbucks. Now, folks will have to reach 125 stars to achieve the same goal.

With 2 points for every $1 spent, we'd have to drop $62.50 to get something free. For those like us who usually stick to a tall black coffee, that's an extra 30 bucks to get that free item.


Starbucks says that the system will be implemented in April.