Starbucks Secretly Dropping A Tie-Dye Frappuccino

There have been whispers about a Tie-Dye Frappuccino existing in the depths of Starbucks' secretive abyss, and sources within Starbucks have confirmed to Foodbeast that it is true, and it is coming fast.

The fruity Frappuccino will have a creme base, vanilla whipped cream top, and stripes of red, blue and yellow powder to give it a tye-dye look. While the powders have not been given a flavor description, they are meant to give a fruity taste to counter the vanilla cream flavor of the Frap base.


As of this writing, Starbucks baristas have been given instruction on how to make it, and told to taste it before the scheduled July 10 launch. It will only be available until July 14, or until the stores run out of the powders.

Starbucks has a tendency to just drop new drinks without much notice, and sits back to watch the world burn in front of them. Most notably, they did that with the Unicorn Frappuccino that came out of nowhere and caused havoc at stores, giving baristas headaches all the way until its eventual demise.

Time will tell if this Frappuccino will have that kind of impact, but the name and color are definitely Instagram-worthy, and have the makings of another terrifying Frappuccino phenomenon.