Starbucks Confirms Ingredient Shortage Currently Keeping Some Items Out Of Stock

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Over the past couple of weeks, videos have been circulating on TikTok reporting that Starbucks locations are suffering supply shortages. Many are unable to sell upwards of a couple dozen items, scaling back the typically broad menu of beverages and treats the coffee colossus has to offer.


Many of these happen to be flavors like Guava or Peach, but also extend to plant-based dairy options like oat milk, food items like breakfast sandwiches, and even packaging like venti cups.



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Foodbeast looked at a couple of Starbucks locations in Southern California, and found the claims on TikTok to match up. The most affected items seem to be some fruit flavors (ie. guava) as well as milk options like oatmilk. No one single category on the Starbucks menu was completely out of items, however.


Starbucks all but confirmed the shortages in a push notification sent to Starbucks app users. The chain cited "current supply shortages" and noted that some items might be out of stock as a result.

Many commodities in the United States, including boba and even Grape Nuts at one point, have had shortages in supply thanks to shipping constraints related to the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of it stems from industry-wide practices to only keep as much inventory on hand as needed. Called "Just In Time" inventory processing, the tactic has harshly limited availability as shipping backlogs cause warehouses that didn't stock up beforehand to run out of stock.

It has taken a while to see the effects on some industries, but it's been a growing and repeating pattern for 2021.

There's no clear timetable on when these shortages will end yet, but for now, if your favorite drink is missing from the Starbucks menu, it might be time to try something different.