This Sonic Drive-In Used Its Bathroom As Bread Storage


This probably isn't the regular bread spot at this Sonic, hopefully, but no matter the excuse, this shouldn't be Plan B, Plan C, or even Plan D when rearranging stuff in the store.

The photo above was posted by Josh Benteman, who tried using the bathroom at a Kansas Sonic Drive-In and found a cart full of hot dog and hamburger buns comfortably placed right next to the toilet.

Benteman said in his Facebook post:


"Welcome to the bathroom in Sonic. I don't think I will be eating there anytime soon. I took this picture today....

I've been told that the issue is fixed. I guess maintenance moved it in there. Now you know what I know.

Update: the dept of ag called me to let me know the store has gotten proper education on food storage and everything is ok now. I will eat at Sonic again at some point in time."

Obviously the problem was fixed.

Even if maintenance moved it there, there had to be a better spot for it, like, ANYWHERE.

h/t eater