Black Garlic And Squid Ink Aioli Elevate This Scallop Roll To The Next Level

Scallops are definitely in the conversation for the tastiest shellfish you can buy. Their faint sweetness, combined with a succulent flesh and light oceanic aroma make for an irresistible bite that's worth the cash. One of the more underrated yet delicious ways to enjoy this mouthwatering mollusk is in a buttery, toasted roll, and one restaurant is pushing the bounds of deliciousness on that simple combination.

scallop roll


San Diego's SuperNatural Sandwiches has brought out the best of the shellfish in their scallop roll, available exclusively at Foodbeast's Asian food festival, NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Original Cup Noodles and taking place on Saturday, January 27th, in Santa Ana, CA.

SuperNatural's fantastical recreation of the scallop roll pairs tender scallops with romaine lettuce, ponzu aguachile, and a buttery brioche bread. But what truly elevates it to new heights is the deep black aioli garnishing the top. It's made with squid ink and black garlic, giving a briny back note and fermented, umami punch to the sandwich.

This scallop roll is definitely a seafood lover's dream, and is worth a stop to the VIP section of NOODS NOODS NOODS to try it. You can get tickets for that all-you-can-consume session, or for the buy-as-you-go Marketplace, here.