A Running List Of Every Exclusive Item At OOZEFEST

As OOZEFEST, FOODBEAST's ALL YOU CAN CONSUME BEER & CHEESE festival, enters its third year, the excitement is already oozing from the cheese-hungry fans, who are eager to check out the exclusive eats from some of Southern California's most premiere purveyors of everything sweet, spicy, and of course, cheesy.

So, to help quell the excitement for a few more days — as if we could even contain it — here's a list of all the delicious, limited-time eats you can expect to experience at OOZEFEST 3, at the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, Calif., on Saturday Oct. 14.

1. Root Beer Glazed Pulled Pork Hot Pokket

Mess Hall is always bringing heavy artillery to culinary showdowns. If there’s one thing you should know about the purveyors of Giant BBQ Meat Shanks, it’s that they nothing they do is small.

For this OOZEFEST, Mess Hall created a Hansen’s Natural Soda Root Beer Glaze Hot Pokket is stuffed with Hansen's root beer glazed pulled pork, aligot potatoes, and pickled cherries all stuffed inside a deep fried dough roll.

2. The 'Flava' Bomb

The Flava Bomb, an original, one-time only AFNG creation starts with a flour tortilla, filled with a three cheese blend of Colby Jack, cheddar, and mozzarella, then stuffed with steak and bacon.

The final result is the equivalent to a money bag emoji of savory, crispy decadence that provides a seemingly endless cheese pull.

3. Queso Fries

For the first time in its three year history of OOZEFEST, Del Taco will be at OOZEFEST. This Southern California staple will be serving up its brand new Queso Blanco Fries and is sure to be one of the main attractions come Saturday Oct. 14.

4. Deep Fried Cheesy Ramen Hot Pocket

A deep fried cheesy ramen patty, mixed with diced ham, Gouda and brie cheese. Served with a crispy outer shell, Pho King Awesome’s ramen-based creation is  intensely creamy, and the perfect snack for any cheese-lover.

5. Jalapeno Popper Mac N Cheese Quesadilla

Taco preveyors Razzy Rucas have developed a taco that meshes together quesadillas, mac n cheese, and jalapeno poppers into one melty carbo-load. A bacon jalapeno popper mac n cheese gets crammed into the center of a quesadilla for a spicy, gooey, and cheesy blend of flavor.

Between the mac and extra cheese for the quesadilla, there's enough ooze to let the cheese pulls stretch longer than Mr. Fantastic's arms.

6. Ricotta Ice Cream Stuffed Cannolis

Creamistry's ricotta ice cream stuffed cannoli, starts with an exclusive hand-made liquid nitrogen ricotta ice cream blend, a crispy cannoli shell and drizzled with a guava icing and powdered sugar for a sweet, crispy treat that's only going to be available at OOZEFEST.


7. Cheesecake Gelato CroCream Sandwiches

Churned Creamery's freshly churned cheesecake gelato, stuffed inside a warm, fluffy croissant.

We all know that the ice cream sandwich is probably the most UNDERRATED sandwich in the game — and Churned's Cheesecake Gelato CroCream is the hottest take yet.

8. Mad Dumplings Food Truck

The Mad Dumplings Food Truck has attracted large crowds thanks in part to a robust menu of Asian-inspired dishes like Longanisa Dumpling with pork belly – a sweet, succulent longanisa sausage dumpling, topped with a sliver of grilled, marinated pork belly and a fresh strip of jalapeño.

Mad Dumplings has been gearing up for two major upcoming October food festivals, equipped with a Shrimp and Pork Stuffed Cheesy Dumpling that will give you serious FOMO if you happen to miss it.

9. Tumaca Truck

Tumaca’s Eggs & Chorizo features Spanish dry-cured chorizo, two over medium eggs, melted Manchego cheese, and crispy smoked bacon topped with chives.

10. Doner Cheesesteak

What's better than a sandwich that has all four of the basic food groups in it? This Turkish twist on an American favorite might be the ultimate fusion of culinary worlds.

This colorful creation starts with warm authentic fladenbrot loaf, melted cheese, and is then loaded with a layer of grilled bell peppers and onions. This savory victory is finally topped off with DonerG's speciality — juicy, shredded Doner Kebab steak.

11. Cheddar Cheese Ice Cream Crepe Cones

This mouthwatering crepe-based dessert is made with a blend of three types of cheddar cheese: sharp, mild and regular. Then it's placed on top of a fluffy apple and cinnamon spice crepe cone and topped with maple sauce.

12. Savor Churros

Cafe Calacas, who's taken the internet by storm before with their past cheesy fried dough creations, is using their mad cheese scientist mind to develop some savory, cheese stuffed churros.

From ricotta on the inside to bits of Parmesan on the outside, everything about these churros screams cheese.

13. Cheesy Sujuk Sausage Donut


The Middle Eastern-inspired dish consists of a glazed donut base, stuffed to the max with Armenian string cheese, and a spicy sausage called Sujuk. It's then pressed down, damn near grilled, revealing a gooey cheese pull that needs an NC-17 rating for unrelenting food porn.

14. Kickn' Chicken Waffle Cone

15. Lobsticle

A fresh lobster is cooked and skewered similar to a kebab. This LOBSTICLE is then topped with cheese and fresh chives and served with Slapfish's signature queso dip.

16. Fried Avocado Nachos

avocado nachos

Created by vegan restaurant Butterleaf, the dish consists of crispy pieces of avocado coated in a warm cashew cheese sauce.

Between the crunch of the avocado and the warm, melty flavors of the cashew cheese, you'll be hard pressed to differentiate between these and actual nachos.

17. Beef Tongue Chili Raclette Dogs

With King's Hawaiian rolls as a bun, the hot dog is topped with housemade chili, made by Chef Keith Prante, and consists of chunks of beef tongue.

18. Chorizo Verde Queso Fundido Taco

In Spanish, fundido, translates to "molten" so, it was only natural that Puesto made a taco shell literally out of molten cheese. Chorizo Verde Queso Fundido Taco, an ultra melty taco with pork chorizo, queso fundido and blue corn tortillas.

19. Great Balls of Fire

California-based pizzeria Sgt. Pepperonis created what they call a Great Ball of Fire. The decadent garlic knot is stuffed with cream cheese, bacon, and tomato cooked off in bacon fat.

An order of knots is served with a side of marina for dipping, though we wouldn't be opposed to a hefty serving of ranch dressing either.


20. Wake & Bake Pizza

It's starts with Zpizza's signature dough, that's topped with melty mozzarella and cheddar, roasted Yukon potatoes, and bacon.

Still, there's one element that truly takes this Oozefest item to the next level — it's topped with a poached egg.

21. Mini Bolognese Pie

Pie Not: The Aussie Style Bakery is taking the meaty bolognese, stuffing it inside a mini pie, and drowning it in more cheese than you'd expect to fit in such a tiny vessel.

The pie crust is freshly made, then loaded with the bolognese, which consists of Italian sausage and marinara sauce. After topping it with a healthy helping of mozzarella, the top crust encloses it, creating a cheese pull that will force you to put your hands up like a bank robber says so.

22. Gouda wrapped Tri-Tip Empanada

tri-tip empanada

Crispy cheese blankets are conveyors of some mouthwatering flavors. The gooey cheese's taste is intensified by getting caramelized on the grill, which develops another layer of texture to add some extra crunch.

On its own, a cheese blanket is an irresistible morsel. Take that cheese blanket, make it out of Gouda, and wrap it around a gooey tri-tip empanada, and you've got a oozing mouthful of deliciousness.

23. Deep-Fried Pimento Cheese Balls

Lucille's Smokehouse created these deep-fried pimento cheese balls served on a heaping helping of mac and cheese. To compliment the crispy sphere of molten pimento cheese, the baked macaroni and cheese is made with pimento, bacon, smoked peppers, and onions.

24.  Cheese Pig

Bosscat Kitchen & Libations is presenting something extra cheesy for this year's festivities. The Cheese Pig is made up of a four-cheese stuffed biscuit, topped with decadent barbecue pork jam and a velvety four-cheese caramel.

25. Cheeseburger Eggrolls

cheeseburger egg rolls

The Kroft has a new spin on a traditional favorite. While The Kroft's previous burger spin dish featured the flavors of BBQ and Bacon, these egg rolls stick to the classic flavors of a cheeseburger: beef, onion, pickles, and American cheese. They all get wrapped up and sent to the deep fryer for a unique, crispy, and cheesy experience.

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