A Gooey Gouda Blanket Envelops This Cheesy Tri-Tip Empanada

Crispy cheese blankets are conveyors of some mouthwatering flavors. The gooey cheese's taste is intensified by getting caramelized on the grill, which develops another layer of texture to add some extra crunch. On its own, a cheese blanket is an irresistible morsel. Take that cheese blanket, make it out of Gouda, and wrap it around a gooey tri-tip empanada, and you've got a oozing mouthful of deliciousness.

Orange County-based food truck Tri Tip Man is putting their signature smoked meat into cheese blanket-wrapped empanadas for OOZEFEST, Foodbeast's all-you-can-consume beer and cheese festival. Apart from the tri-tip, you'll find bacon, more Gouda, and candied jalapenos inside to match the massive layer of Gouda that warmly envelops the fried pastry. It's definitely a dairy overload, but the different ingredients inside provide smokiness, heat, and sweetness that balance out the rich flavors of the cheese and give you a dynamite bite.


tri-tip empanada

Those interested in trying out this melty, cheese-wrapped empanada for themselves should head to OOZEFEST's website to acquire tickets to the cheesy food fest.