The Cheese Pulls On These Mini Bolognese Pies Are Ridiculous

Bolognese is a classic Italian sauce that originated in, well, Bologna, Italy. While usually drenched over noodles, a bakery is giving it an Australian twist for the third annual OOZEFEST in Santa Ana, California.

Pie Not: The Aussie Style Bakery is taking the meaty bolognese, stuffing it inside a mini pie, and drowning it in more cheese than you'd expect to fit in such a tiny vessel.


The pie crust is freshly made, then loaded with the bolognese, which consists of Italian sausage and marinara sauce. After topping it with a healthy helping of mozzarella, the top crust encloses it, creating a cheese pull that will force you to put your hands up like a bank robber says so.

Pie Not will be handing out these pies to all VIP guests for OOZEFEST at the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California. For more information on vendors or to purchase tickets, please visit