ZPizza Has A New Meaning For The Term 'Wake & Bake' And It's Delicious

For years, the term "wake and bake" has been used to describe a very specific activity.  While the term might stir up a bit of controversy, Southern California- based pizza chain, Zpizza, is pairing the eyebrow raising adage with an exclusive, limited time breakfast pizza that will literally make you want to Wake And Bake.

It's starts with Zpizza's signature dough, that's topped with melty mozzarella and cheddar, roasted Yukon potatoes, and bacon. Still, there's one element that truly takes this Oozefest item to the next level — it's topped with a poached egg.


This take on breakfast is so good that it might leave you with your eyes red. But, keep in mind that it's only available at Oozefest 3, FOODBEAST's third annual All YOU CAN CONSUME BEER & CHEESE Festival Saturday, Oct. 14.

For more information on OOZEFEST, or to purchase tickets head to Zpizza fans can use code “wakeandbake” at checkout for $5.00 off tickets!