These Cheese-Stuffed Garlic Knots Are Great Balls Of FIRE

As delicious as pizza is, sometimes you need just a little something else to compliment that savory Italian pie. Perhaps a mouthwatering garlic knot will tickle your tummy?

California-based pizzeria Sgt. Pepperonis created what they call a Great Ball of Fire. The decadent garlic knot is stuffed with cream cheese, bacon, and tomato cooked off in bacon fat. An order of knots is served with a side of marina for dipping, though we wouldn't be opposed to a hefty serving of ranch dressing either.


Need to know how to get your paws on one? The savory knot was created exclusively for Oozefest 3, Foodbeast's third annual all-you-can-consume cheese and beer festival on Saturday Oct.14.

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