A Bouquet Of Cheese-Stuffed Churros Proves Love At First Bite

With items like Mermaid Churros, fried chicken churro sandwiches, and churro poop emojis going viral, the humble street snack has spread across the country in all kinds of shapes and forms. We've never seen any that's as bursting with cheesiness as this, however.

Cafe Calacas, who's taken the internet by storm before with their past cheesy fried dough creations, is using their mad cheese scientist mind to develop some savory, cheese stuffed churros. From ricotta on the inside to bits of Parmesan on the outside, everything about these churros screams cheese.


If you're down to snag a handful of these savory, creamy churros, head on over to Ooozefest 3, Foodbeast's third annual all-you-can-consume cheese and beer festival. It's going down on Saturday, October 14th, and you can get your tickets to the cheesy extravaganza by heading to the Oozefest website.

Once there, you'll be able to partake in this savory, cheese stuffed churro experience. Just be careful not to eat too many, though, as they're a one-way ticket to a heavenly food coma.