This Chorizo Verde Taco's Entire Shell Is Made With Melted Cheese

After Puesto won Best In Show at OOZEFEST 2, in 2016, it was only obvious that the reigning champions would return to OOZEFEST 3, for another shot at being the fan favorite of the day.

So, to continue their winning ways, Puesto will be back at FOODBEAST's third annual ALL YOU CAN EAT / ALL YOU CAN DRINK cheese festival, with the Chorizo Verde Queso Fundido Taco, an ultra melty taco with pork chorizo, queso fundido and blue corn tortillas.

Puesto Queso Fundido Taco

In Spanish, fundido, translates to "molten" so, it was only natural that Puesto made a taco shell literally out of molten cheese.

Puesto Queso Fundido Taco

If there was a perfect taco to bring to a cheese festival, Puesto's would be the prime example. So, come join us, and see if Puesto can claim another title as OOZEFEST's Best in Show.

For more information on OOZEFEST 3, on Saturday, Oct. 14 or to purchase tickets, both are available at