12 Costco Foods You Can Only Find At Regional Food Courts

If you've ever been to Costco locations in various parts of the world, you may notice that the food court menus are a little different. Depending on where you are, varying regional foods may be present. These change by location and are either themed to local flavors or give customers a taste of other parts of the globe. Here's a few of the atypical regional Costco foods out there, along with where you can track them down.


Costco Canada locations tend to have chicken wings available. They're priced at $6.99 for 10 wings.

Acai Bowls

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You can find these in several beach cities in the California area, as well as, reportedly, Hawaii. A single order will set you back just $5, much cheaper than the typical acai bowl spot.


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These were being tested in the SoCal area last year, but it's unclear if they'll make a return. In the meantime, the burgers have been spotted at Costcos in Georgia and Chicago.

Vegan Al Pastor Salad

Spotted a plant based protein salad from Costco!!! ???#costcofoodcourt #lunchtime

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These have been spotted in a few locations in the greater Los Angeles area, and may be a possible test item for Costco. They appear next to Caesar Salads, a rotating item that can be found everywhere from Chicago to South Korea.

Clam Chowder

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You can find cups of chowder on sale at Costco locations in Japan. No New England or SF locations, though, Costco? That's where chowder is king!

Chicken Teriyaki Bowls

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Although the dish is more native to Japan, you can find this new item in South Korean stores.

Sausage & Peppers Sandwich

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In the US, you likely either have this sandwich or a bratwurst available. The Sausage and Peppers sandwich is predominant on the East Coast, whereas the Bratwurst can be found more towards the Midwest.


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Costco's take on the Canadian classic can be found in... well, Canada.

Chicken Tenders

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Oh yea, apparently Costco Canada also gets chicken tenders and fries as well. They seem to get a lot of the good stuff, huh?

Mango Shaved Ice

You can find this sweet treat at Costco locations in Taiwan.

Nasi Goreng

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Costco's take on this Indonesian fried rice dish can be found in locations in Seoul.

Meat Pies

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You can find these meat-stuffed snacks at Costcos in Australia. Of course.