McDonald's Stroopwafel McFlurries And Other Global Items May Arrive Nationwide

McDonald's may be finally expanding its international menu launches to all locations nationwide.

Photo courtesy of McDonald's


According to internal documents leaked to Business Insider, McDonald's is potentially looking at a menu of global items all across the United States this June. Foods on the menu reportedly include a Stroopwafel McFlurry, a Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger, a Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich, and Cheesy Bacon Fries.

A lot of these items make sense given the recent history of McDonald's global items in the US. Cheesy Bacon Fries have already been a national limited-time item, and the Stroopwafel McFlurry and Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger were tested in Miami last year. It looks like that test was successful enough that McDonald's is giving the international menu a full-scale launch.

While McDonald's isn't confirming anything outright, a "no comment" they gave to Business Insider in Dutch is their way of saying "this is probably coming, but we don't wanna reveal the full scope yet."