Lindsay Lohan Is Making Pepsi And Milk A Thing

@lindsaylohan Feeling nice…or naughty? @Pepsi, let’s make #Pilkandcookies happen ?+? + ? #PepsiPartner ♬ original sound - lindsaylohan


Pepsi has tapped in with Lindsay Lohan to convince folks that the unlikely combo of Pepsi cola and milk should definitely be a thing this holiday season.

Channeling Mean Girls energy by rocking a version of her "Jingle Bell Rock" winter talent show outfit from the movie, we see in the TikTok above Lohan pouring herself a tall, cold glass of Pepsi and milk, then stirring the improbable mix before taking a sip and adding, “Pepsi and milk… Pilk! That is one dirty soda."


Pepsi also commented that Pilk is “traditionally” topped with creamer.

Pilk is definitely a nod to the regional favorite, dirty soda, which has been popular in Utah for the past decade and has since gone viral on TikTok earlier this year. For those not familiar, dirty soda starts by mixing dairy with sodas, syrups and oftentimes fruit.

Folks have rying the new holiday drink or will you even leave a glass out for Santa?