Lil Dicky Shows Up To Random Doorstep With Drinks In Hand And A Party On His Mind

What would you do if rapper Lil Dicky unexpectedly showed up at your door with some adult beverages and asked you to party? Well, that's exactly what Young Dick did, as he teamed up with Mike's Hard Lemonade, hopped on a bike and made his way to a random stranger's home, ready to have a classic male pregame.

It was a cute video, as the unsuspecting resident let Dicky into his home, as he got a chance to kick it with the "Save Dat Money" rapper.


"He did know who I was," Lil Dicky told Foodbeast, "I wouldn't say it was like a 12-year-old girl seeing Justin Biber for the first time... but there was some excitement there."

It was all part of sweepstakes where Dicky was hosting a house party with Drizly the hard liquor delivery service. and Mike's Hard Lemonade, the lemonade that's as hard as a Lil Dicky freestyles. Probably.

Lil Dicky has been busy of late, still releasing music videos for his "Professional Rapper" album, performing his energetic hip hop hits at music festivals, and trying his best to stop people from dabbing,but it's nice to see that he still makes time to host intimate events, like this house party, for his fans.