KFC Singapore Now Serving -- Shrimp Stars and Fish Donuts

Shrimp Stars and Fish Donuts. Yep, you heard right. KFC Singapore is now offering their new seafood items to customers. These unique new dishes are sure to garner curious customers to the overseas KFC franchise.

The Shrimp Stars are made with shrimp nuggets in the shape of stars that are breaded and deep-fried. The Fish Donuts are what appears to be fish patties breaded and deep-fried into the shape of donuts.

The menu items are available in a special "Snacker's Combo" which is sold for $3.95 in Singapore. A quick Google conversion shows that it will come around to about $3.15 USD. Whether or not these novelty menu items will make a splash in Singapore, it's too soon to tell.


But I can tell you this, those Fish Donuts are sure as hell making my mouth water right now.

Note to self: Pitch Popcorn Shark and Alligator Double Downs to KFC.