Hungry Woman Crowdfunds for a Taco Binge

Rachel Hirsh needs your help.

Who is Rachel Hirsh, you ask? She’s a musician who lives in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. But what you need to know most of all about Rachel is that she’s extremely hungry… for tacos.

A few weeks ago, musician Rachel Hirsh began a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money for a Friday night taco binge.

“I really want to get tacos on Friday,” She writes on the wall of her GoFundMe campaign. “But like, really good ones, and a lot of them. Maybe from Fiction Kitchen or Chubby's.”


Over the course of the next 23 days, Hirsh would go on to raise $450, almost half of her $1,000 taco goal. As of this post, 15 people have donated various amounts to this noble cause. The campaign is still live, if you are interested in donating to one woman’s quest for the ultimate taco binge.

The campaign followed this heart-wrenching PSA which Hirsh posted on April 20th. If this won’t get you to pay for her tacos… we don’t know what will. Maybe you need to take a second and re-evaluate your priorities.

Following a stream of online criticism, Hirsh removed the GoFundMe campaign after raising just over $200 for her cause.


Later that day, the campaign went live again, this time with an update written by Hirsh herself, clearly responding to internet backlash she had received following her PSA.

“OK, this is ridiculous,” Hirsh writes. “I am *not* going to use all of this money for tacos.”

Hirsh goes on to explain that the $450 raised, and all further profit raised, will be going to a charitable organization called Girls Rock NC. Girls Rock NC is an organization that empowers girls, through creative expression, to be confident members of their communities.

While that is a pretty great cause, we have to admit, we’re a little disappointed. We really wanted to see what almost $500 worth of tacos looks like. Maybe next time.

To donate to Hirsh’s campaign (whether you’d like to believe it’s going toward charity or tacos) you can check out her GoFundMe campaign here.