What It Looks Like When Superheroes Make Recipe Videos [WATCH]

Superheroes have never been as popular as they are right now, and while we see origin stories, epic crime fighting and powers up the wazoo, we hardly ever see their super cooking skills.

That's where #superhands come in, as a team of Instagram users put together recipes that your favorite heroes would surely make.

From X-Men's Wolverine, to Thor from the Avengers, these video clips brilliantly show each hero's super power being used in a super cooking-fashion.


For example, not only does Wolverine use his adamantium claws as he prepares some chicken kebabs, he uses his clever tactics to piss off Cyclops, strategically using his laser vision to cook the "Claw-bobs."


There's even a savage Uncle Ben's rice recipe, prepared by non other than the web-slinging, wall-crawling Spider-Man.

Be sure to follow the heroic team consisting of @davidwma, @allison_e_davis and @therealmikeq, as they put together these awesome recipes that you won't find on Food Network, but might if you travel down to Asgard.