Gut-wrenching Diagnosis Inspires Artist to Create Uplifting Food Art

When artist and costume designer Maor Zabar was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a few years back, he was forced to adjust his eating habits. Many of the delicious foods he was familiar with consuming were now off limits. So, to make up for the foods he couldn’t eat, he decided to make them wearable instead. Thus was born his special line of food inspired head wear: the Food Hat Collection.

Zabar is currently a teacher at the Shenkar’s College of Fashion in Israel. His inspiration not only comes from his own health but also his work as a theater set and costume designer. Every hat is made differently and some take significantly more time than others to create.

There are plates of sushi, boxes of macaroons, upside down ice creams and even a dripping berry pie. He strives to make headpieces that will make people feel glamorous, with a sprinkle of humor (like his skillet of fried eggs, or his picnic hat). Check out more of Zabars unique hats on Etsy.

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photo credit: Maor Zabar

via: daily mail


Written by Shawn Saleme of VisualNews