Girl Scouts Add to Cookie Arsenal: New Mango Creme


It's the most wonderful time of the year and I'm not talking about winter — Girl Scout Cookie Season. Thin Mint, Samoa and Peanut Butter Patty are welcoming newbie, Mango Creme, to the family.


Mango Creme seems like a little piece of paradise in contrast to the bleak weather: crunchy vanilla and coconut outside, soft mango-flavored filling inside. In other words, summer vacay in your mouth.

The actual title for the cookie is Mango Creme With Nutrifusion™. "Wtf is Nutrifusion™?" you might ask. Well, according to Nutrifusion™, it's an all-natural, nutritional additive that's made out of 100% fruits and vegetables.

ABC Smart Cookies (an official GS cookie vendor) claims, Mango Cremes contain:


Although this cookie is a little healthier compared to some of it's heftier siblings, like Samoas (3 cookies are 225 calories), they're still cookies. One serving contains 20% of the saturated fats for your recommended daily intake.

Use the Girl Scout's cookie locator to find a place near you that sells them.

Anyway, happy GS cookie season! May it be merry and bright.