Vlogger Who Tested McDonald's Monopoly Had To Eat 1,000 Leftover Fries [WATCH]

A few weeks ago, Canadian Blogger Furious Pete ordered 100 large French fries from McDonald's to see how accurate their Monopoly sweepstakes was. He discovered that the odds were quite a bit lower than originally advertised by the fast food chain. He was also left with 100 containers of large fries.

As stale as those fries are at this point, the competitive eater could not let them all go to waste. Taking 1,000 French fries from his massive order, Pete sits down and chomps through a massive bowl of the golden stuff with a little help from Mr. Ketchup.


Watch as this steadfast vlogger powers through this majestic mound of French fries. Sure it's no 50x50 In-N-Out burger, but inspiring nonetheless.

Aside from In-N-Out, fresh out of the fryer McDonald's fries are some of our favorite fast food items out there. Unfortunately for Pete, once they go stale, it's hard coming back from the awful taste.

Color us impressed, Peter.