Here's What A Lot Of Americans Ordered During Last Year's 4th Of July Weekend

Whether you're celebrating this 4th of July weekend indoors or raging with a hundred of your closest homies, you know the party's over if you run out of booze.

If you're ill prepared or already too wasted to make a trip to the store, we're quite lucky to live in a world where delivery service apps can be the real MVPs in our time of need.

Online convenience store/delivery app, GoPuff, a service that promises delivery within 30 minutes, shares some data on what people ordered over their app during Independence Day celebrations. While the data is a small sample size, their service is in many major cities across America, including New York, D.C., Seattle, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago.

In all honesty, the following data is a tad bit surprising. Well, maybe disappointing might be a word more suitable.

According to the metrics given to us by GoPuff, the most ordered drink by users of their app on July 4th 2016 was Natural Light. Probably better known as "Natty Light" or "Holy shit this beer is disgusting!" Really though? Natty Light is like the "I remember my first beer" of beers.

Well... okay America. Either ya'll are celebrating your patriotism by purchasing the most American brands of beer (Bud Light came in 2nd), or you're just going out of your way to look for a hangover the next day. Who knows, maybe they were looking for the most inexpensive way to have the most rounds of beer pong. I'm not trying to judge.

Most ordered drinks on 4th of July 2016:


1. Natural Light

2. Bud Light

3. Chandon Brut Classic

4. Rolling Rock

5. Absolut Vodka

GoPuff also hit us with the top hangover foods ordered by their users the following day. And judging by what drinks were most ordered, I'm thinking the food orders was kept on the simple side.

The top spot goes to Easy Mac probably because it takes the least effort to cook. With a massive headache, dizziness, and nausea keeping you demoralized, microwaveable mac n cheese might have been the right choice.


Most ordered hangover foods on July 5th:

1. Easy Mac

2. Bagel Bites

3. Ice Cream

4. Ramen Noodles

5. Eggs

The Fourth of July is one of the busiest drinking days of the year in America, but let's not let the celebration of our country's independence be a reason for tomfoolery. Always remember to be safe this holiday weekend, don't drink and drive, and live to see the next holiday.