Dominique Ansel Just Dropped A Major Bombshell About The Secret Behind Madeleines


Dominique Ansel, the french pastry chef currently based out of New York City is known for blowing minds. Seriously, everything from creating a Cronut to universally acclaimed Cookie Shot Glasses.

This time around, he's not creating something new, but he's busting a nut in our brains and shedding some light on a dessert that's been sneakily under our nose without question for years, the beloved madeleines. You know the dessert I'm talking about, those butter cake shell-shaped desserts they sell damn near everywhere sweets are sold.

A few days ago, Dominique Ansel took to his Instagram account to casually mention that we've been presenting Madeleines allllll wrong:



Apparently the little puff on a madeleine is actually a "pearl," which makes complete sense if the other shell-looking side is exactly that, a shell. If you take Mr. Ansel's take on the history of a madeleine, then he suggests that they get served with the hump side up -- which makes sense if you believe it to be a pearl.

Thanks for the knowledge Dom, when are you bringing back that $15 Cereal dish?!