Cronuts (Half-Croissant, Half-Doughnut) Exist


I did a double take and then suddenly, I couldn't stop staring. The image of a half-croissant, half-doughnut "Cronut" innocuously shone on the computer screen. I needed this, I need this in my life.

Created by the Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery over in New York, the Cronut ($5) is composed of several thin, flaky layers of croissant dough that are deep fried and then filled with Tahitian vanilla cream. The top layer features a delicate rose-flavored glaze, with purple candied rose petals added for a light crunch.


NY Serious Eats delves into the experience of eating this heavenly dessert:

. . . eating a cronut is very different from eating a traditional doughnut. For one thing, the cream is evenly distributed among the dozens of pasty layers, so you never get hit with a giant burst of filing as with say, a creme brulee doughnut from the Doughnut Plant. The extra layers also mean more oil-dough contact, so it's a more oily pastry similar to a fritter—a deep-fried dessert lover's dream.

A "deep-fried dessert lover's dream" -- I'm buying a one-way ticket to New York tomorrow. Yes, one-way, because I'm going to spend the rest of life in this bakery munching on dainty, oil-laden, rose petal dreams.


Stay tuned for the lemon maple flavors debuting in June and the dulce de leche in July.

H/T + Photo Courtesy NY Serious Eats