Crazy Nail Art Creates an Actual Tiny Tea Strainer


Part 1: Chai Tea Strainer Functional Nail ☕️ ?? چائے پیو ? ਚਾਹ ਪੀਓ ##nails ##nailtutorial ##acrylicnails ##nailart ##beautyhacks

♬ Why did this sound blow up - .



TikTok @ilysmnails has a whopping 7.2 million followers on the platform, drawing eyes to insanely creative nail art that almost automatically crowns each post as viral. A shocker to me, @ilysmnails also uses actual food in her nail art like strawberries, candy, and raspberry jam. But one of her latest viral TikToks has her nail art giving actual utility.

In the clip above, we see the big reveal of an actual tea strainer built into the nail art. When I tell you how low my jaw dropped.

The creative nail artist is definitely a talent, incorporating the most unlikely to unveil astonishing examples of nail art. Also, I don't think I would have come across this very niche TikTok clip if it weren't for my girlfriend, so shout out to her.