These Chicken and Waffles Have An Alluring Chinese Twist

You've probably had traditional chicken and waffles before, but we guarantee you've never had them like this.

Meet the Chinese Chicken and Ramen Waffle, created by Haute Sandwich Hut, for Southern California's NOODS NOODS NOODS festival. You'll be able to find this item in the AYCE VIP section.

The exclusive dish consists of fried ramen noodles that are waffle-ized and topped with bits of Chinese chicken sausage, green onion, forbidden rice, and a sweet & sour drizzle.


They'll go perfectly with Haute's Ramen Donut Holes, which will also be available at Foodbeast's NOODS NOODS NOODS Festival, presented by Cup Noodles.

Haute Sandwich Hut is an up-and-coming restaurant out of Laguna Hills, but is quickly making a name for itself with Chef Keith Prante's tri-tip French dip and homemade carne asada fries.

If you're down for this — and we're pretty sure you are — you can cop a ticket for the festival's buy-as-you-go Marketplace, or one of the VIP all-you-can-consume sessions here.