Chicken And Waffles Cereal Is Coming To Walmart In An Exclusive, Limited Drop

One of the most popular culinary pairings across the United States just got turned into a breakfast cereal.

Fresh from the creative minds at Post Cereal, this Chicken & Waffles cereal contains pieces that both look and taste like the classic combo. You'll be getting a hit of both sweet and savory here, which is going to be an exclusive drop at Walmart.


This release is a part of the "Honey Brunches of Oats" collection. The other brunch item getting twisted into cereal for this launch is Maple Bacon Donuts, which as you might expect, comes in the shape of mini donuts.

Both will be available in a limited-time drop at select Walmart stores across the country, which should have them in stock by March 7th at the latest.

With brunch totally covered in cereal form, all that's left to decide is whether you serve these in a bowl of milk or mimosa. I'm leaning towards the latter.