Burger King Brings Back Cheesy Tots

Photo: Burger King


Tater tots are necessary to breakfast. Let's be clear about that. Make them cheesy and they're an essential to getting your day started right. Which is why Burger King bringing back its popular Cheesy Tots to eager fans. What's even better is that they'll be available all day, through breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who ever said it was bad to have too much of a good thing?

Besides that, BK is also releasing a new limited-time dessert, the Brownie Batter Shake, which features a decadent mix of fudge brownie batter and vanilla soft serve. Perhaps it's a sweet pairing with the Cheesy Tots if you're really trying to embrace this newness.

Cheesy Tots are now available at Burger King locations nationwide, coming as an eight-piece for a limited time only.