Gold Bars, Blow Torches, And Giant Steaks: Barton G. Is Serving Up New Craziness

Barton G. is a restaurant in Hollywood, CA that is the epitome of EXTRA. From gigantic rat traps that present mac 'n cheese to over-the-top rubber duckies accompanying decadent desserts, culinary theatrics are in play for every dish served at the swanky spot. Keeping in line with their penchant for the dramatics, Barton G. has included two new menu items that are sure to blow us away with the visuals and, of course, taste.

For carnivores looking to level up their steak experience, look to the B.G. Platinum Ranch Tomahawk For 2, a 32oz. KERWEE Silver Grade Australian Wagyu Ribeye with charcoal yucca "logs" and charred tomato — all with the backdrop of a platinum cow's skull standing as a monolith of deliciousness.


Finish that steak up in a sweet way with Barton G.'s newest dessert, the Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all, a literally RICH chocolate ganache and dulce de leche tart, under a gold brick shell torched table side by a waiter donning a welder's mask. Liquid nitrogen chocolate–feuilletine golden nugget ice cream is served on the side for maximum dessert vibes.

So for a dining experience that plays to your visuals as well as your palate, hit up Barton G. for a night of foodie flair and whimsicality that one will never see anywhere else.