Hero Scientists Create Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon


We've hit a pivotal moment in humanity where we can create something as healthy as kale, but delicious like bacon. According to the Associated Press, scientists at Oregon State University have done just that.

A recently patented strain of seaweed, called dulse, was somehow combined with the flavor of the salty pork product. The seaweed is found along the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. No specifics were given as to how the seaweed was given the bacon flavor, but no one's complaining.


Some dulse-based products have already been in development. Among them are a rice cracker, salad dressing and bacon-flavored strips that you fry up.

Dulse is said to be packed with minerals, protein, vitamins and antioxidants. The team spent 15 years developing this specific type of seaweed. Originally, it was meant to serve as a super food for abalone. Turns out the powers that be had greater plans for dulse.

While said to taste like the unbearably delicious bacon, it's actually twice as healthy as kale.