Here's How To Experience The World's Most Expensive Meal For Just $2

Dinner for two on a private plane. A bounty of exquisite dishes and plentiful rose petals to shower your S.O. with. A private fireworks show overlooking a mystical sky. Sounds like one of Ted Mosby's "perfect date" dreams, right?

This is reality, however, and at $2 million, it's easily the world's most expensive meal. The cost to you, though, could be as little as just a couple of bucks.


The extravagant experience comes with an overwhelming abundance of bells and whistles. You and your chosen date for the evening will start with a 3-hour luxury yacht cruise in Singapore. Then, you will be transported via Rolls Royce to the private jet "restaurant," where an 18-course meal will be served over the next four hours. On top of all that, you'll be gifted with ten thousand fresh roses, a pair of personalized diamond chopsticks for you and your partner to keep, and the aforementioned private fireworks display.

most expensive meal

Behind this luxurious $2 million dining experience is Ville Oehman, founder of V Diamonds. He actually bought the meal from World of Diamonds Group last year along with a rare, 2.08-carat blue diamond ring that's named after actress Jane Seymour. Rather than feast on his new purchase, however, he decided to make it accessible to anyone through a special raffle. Winning these sweepstakes comes with a whole host of accommodations, including an all-inclusive 4-day, 3-night trip to Singapore. Other perks include being chauffeured around in a Rolls Royce and complimentary Michelin Star meals, worth hundreds on their own.


Not being picked for the experience won't be a complete letdown, however. While only one person can win the dinner, the tickets aren't good for nothing if you're not the lucky name pulled.

Photo courtesy of World of Diamonds Group


The "raffle tickets," which are priced at $2 each, are actually "parts" of the blue diamond ring that you will own regardless of whether you win or lose the drawing. One million total parts, or "tickets," are available to purchase. The full ring is being sold by V Diamonds, and anyone who offers up a price to purchase it will have to gain the approval of the majority of the ring owners (aka raffle ticket holders) before the deal is done. Considering that a single carat of blue diamond can cost over $2 million, the sale price of this ring will easily be enough to get your raffle money back plus a couple of extra bucks. At least you're not throwing your money away if you lose this contest.

Those interested in potentially winning the world's most expensive meal should check the Jane Seymour website for more information as well as to purchase "tickets." You'll have to wait a while to know if you won, though, as the drawing won't occur until August 31, 2018. The winner will be announced sometime in September, with the actual meal taking place sometime between December 1st and 15th, 2018.