10 Facebook Food Groups You Can't Live Without

Technically, this is a list of Facebook "Fan" pages, but I find the ring of "groups" to be of a much higher quality than a "fan page", so I hope you all can stomach the slight incorrectness. We've compiled a list of the top 10 Facebook "Food-Related" groups, some of which have member counts close to 2 million users! With counts that high, it's safe to say, some people simply can't live without them!


This first group, "Mom, make me some food?" "Get it yourself." "Nevermind, I'm not hungry." carries with it a memory that many of us have still not yet outgrown. If you join the madness, you'll be in the company of 1,824,200 others who are also not hungry.

Sneaking your own food & drinks into movies. I remember my aunt once piled in about 6 Double-Doubles from In-N-Out one quaint, rainy afternoon as we entered a high-security movie theatre. They had no idea. Suckers. Next step? Sneaking in a microwave!


I indeed do hate it when someone else takes the piece of food I have mentally claimed. Whether it was my roommate who forgot to ask if that cookie was mine, or if that schmuck at the dinner party last night and his "OH, ANYONE WANT THIS LAST SLICE?!" Get outta here.

If you know someone skinny who eats loads of junk food and doesn't seem to gain a pound, join this group so you can share your hatred. Seriously. Maybe it's all the scene, underground shows they attend, or...something, but, somethings in life are just not fair.

This is probably one of the groups I can most relate to. Checking the fridge every ten minutes to see if any food magically appeared is definitely a hobby of mine, especially during the part of the week where my grocery shopping is not on point.


Diet? Root beer? Iced Tea? Pushing those little buttons on the lids of fast food drinks has been a past time for as long as I can remember being old enough to go to McDonald's. Or to Burger King. Or to Carl's...

When I hear myself eating crunchy food, I wonder if people can hear it too. This has been a serious mind-trip of a residual thought process for many years. Ever been in a library as you devour a box of saltines? Me either.

In my opinion, that moment of joy when you see you food coming in a restaurant is the most important group on Facebook to join. I must disagree with their choice of a profile picture, because that fat man devouring a hamburger doesn't even begin to display the magnitude of emotion connected with this amazing event. For me, it brings back memories of El Torito, as I sit on a table, and off in the distance I hear the faint sizzle of my fajitas plate, and within moments my waiter comes to view, with the platter held high above his face. As he brings the dish to the table...aww...but I digress.