Okay Seriously, Crispy Ramen Fry Poutine is This Year's Ramen Burger


There's a fine line between fusion and crazy batshit insane. As outlandish as Korean x Mexican fusion may have seemed circa 2009, it still made enough sense to enough people to make Kogi Truck a thing.

Japanese x French Canadian cuisine may not have that same luxury. But thankfully we have folks like blogger Josh Scherer of Culinary Bro-Down who really don't care.


As Scherer puts it on his blog, Ramen Poutine was born out of the cultural similarities shared between the Japanese and French Canadian people, such as both of them liking flower symbols (cherry blossoms and fleurs-de-lys), or both of them having Pizza Huts in their country. The resulting street food blasphemy combines frozen and fried sticks of instant ramen, miso oxtail gravy, cheese curds, soft boiled eggs, scallions, and hot sauce into this year's ramen burger. That is, a bizarre and probably delicious eastern x western mashup that's just psycho enough to work.

Considering both ramen and poutine are infamous drunk foods in their homelands, we recommend getting sloshed before indulging. Your tastebuds, and logic, will thank you for it.

Hop over to Culinary Bro-Down for the recipe.