Artist Creates Exquisitely Illustrated Recipes from Around the World


What do lamingtons, banana bread, and Thai barracuda stew have in common? They’ve all been beautifully illustrated by an Italian artist named Felicita. She’s got a blog where she draws a recipe every month demonstrating a new delicious dish from around the world.

While Felicita focuses on her home cultures of Italian and European cuisine, she also explores recipes from around the world like Turkish Tzatziki, seasoned and strained yogurt, and the Thai barracuda soup with coconut, rice, and chilies.



The entire ongoing series is featured on her page, Cargo Collective, and includes some exquisite (and surprisingly simple recipes) like cacio il pepe, radicchio risotto, and feta and eggplant meatballs. We’ve definitely got a few meals to get started, and we already can’t wait til next month’s. Now if only she’d sketch one for churro quesadillas, we’d be set.




illustrated-recipe-2 illustrated-recipe-3