This Restaurant Will Serve You Something Called a 'Chinese Take-Out Pizza' Laced with Weed


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While Canada refuses to take Bieber back (sorry, he’s all yours America), they’re getting on everyone’s good side with their latest stoner dream: weed-infused pizza.

A restaurant in East Vancouver now serves up high pies for customers over the age of 18 with a medical marijuana prescription. The owners of Mega ILL Cafe, Mark and Stephan Klokeid, encourage patrons to BYOC (“Bring Your Own Cannabis”) and even provide vaporizers to use for free.


“We’re pot friendly. You have to bring your own marijuana in here, but if you want to medicate your pizza we will do that for you if you have an exemption,” Mark Klokeid told CTV News.


Looking to be the first pizzeria-vapor lounge, pot-infused oil is drizzled onto pizzas for $10 more. According to Mega Ill employee Anthony Risling, it will take about half an hour for the effects to kick in. Of course, once the munchies hit, the pizzeria has several desserts for you to dive into.

So what kind of pies would you expect a pot-friendly pizzeria to serve? Think “Chinese Take-Out” pizza topped with baby corn, bok choy, sweet soy, green onions, sesame seeds, broccoli, and roasted chicken and something called “The Eden” topped with sliced apples, parmasean, ricotta cheese, walnuts, and balsamic reduction. Of course.



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