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Up Close This Looks Like Normal Sushi, But You Won’t Believe How Tiny It Really Is

March 12, 2014 // 2:32 pm

It’s hard to argue that sushi is the most filling of dishes, but this is just ridiculous.

According to Reuters, a chef in Tokyo Japan has mastered the delicate art of making miniature sushi out of single grains of rice. And we’re not talking loose bubbles of roe over…

This Looks Like a Normal Cucumber but You’ll Never Believe What’s Inside It

March 7, 2014 // 4:14 pm

Using just a paintbrush and an eye for the elusive, Tokyo-born artist Hikaru Cho disguises fruits and vegetables as other foods. Sounds simple enough? Hardly. Her ability to transform produce requires a meticulous sense of skill.

The result: a series of work that is so convincing it forces us to…

The World’s First Kit Kat Store to Launch in Tokyo

January 17, 2014 // 12:03 pm

While most of us here in the states are enjoying the novelty of dark chocolate Kit Kats, Japan is once again way ahead of us with flavors like green tea, blueberry cheesecake and wasabi. Now, they’re taking things to the next level and opening the world’s first…

Amazing Sushi ‘Paintings’ Make Latte Art Obsolete

September 11, 2013 // 6:00 am

Forget your fancy latte with a heart in the foam.  This Japanese sushi chef, who goes by the elusive name of Tama-Chan (a recently beloved bearded seal “mascot” of Japan) is using sushi as a blank canvas to make incredible art.

Tama-Chan seems…

Behold the 12-Inch Long All-Black Hot Dog and Please Try Not to Be a Freaking Perv About It

July 24, 2013 // 4:04 pm

I wish I could say my mind didn’t ever go *there* after seeing this thing, but I am sadly much less evolved than I’d like to pretend. But don’t let my personal shortcomings stop you. Dirty minded or not, this 30 centimeter (or ~11.8 inch) all-black hot dog is…

Burger King Japan Sells Cheap Booze, Offers Mojitos & ‘Pink’ Daiquiris

June 27, 2013 // 3:58 pm

Despite Burger King’s sales in the Asia Pacific region being up 2.7% during the first quarter of 2013, the numbers were “partially offset by weakness in Japan and New Zealand.” In an effort to boost numbers in Japan, the chain will be resorting to the tried and true…

This is What Strawberries & Cream Ramen Looks Like

January 22, 2013 // 6:30 am

Have you ever sat down at a ramen joint, looked through their menu and thought, “Damn if only I could get some good, home-cooked strawberry ramen right now”? Well, for those of you that answered “yes,” you’re in the darndest of luck.

A ramen containing strawberries and cream was…

This French Restaurant Cooks Actual Dirt & Charges You $110 To Eat It

January 22, 2013 // 6:00 am

I’m sorry but if you placed a shot of dirt soup (see above) in front of me, I would politely excuse myself from the table  and never turn back. Really now, there are dishes that test the boundaries of food in fabulous ways — Sriracha Ice Cream

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