Chocolate Ramen Just Became A Thing In Japan And We're Drooling


We're HUGE fans of combining saltiness with the the rich sweetness of chocolate. This includes chocolate-covered potato chips and more recently Japan's McDonald's fries drowned in chocolate sauce. Now, a ramen joint in Japan has unveiled another innovative dish: Chocolate Ramen.

RocketNews24 got a sneak preview of ramen chain Mensho's upcoming bowl of chocolate ramen. The Tokyo-based ramen spot is set to debut the new dish beginning Feb. 1.

Made with a soy broth, the base is infused with chocolate. The dish itself is then topped with more chocolate that dissolves as the meal progresses. The combination of sweet and salty is akin to how Mexican mole sauce combines sweet and spicy. It works magically.


Sources from RocketNews say that the best way to go at this dish is to mix the chunks into the broth to get a sharp and clean flavor.

The dish will only be available from Feb. 1 through Feb. 14, designed as a Valentine's Day promotion.

Photo: RocketNews24